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Gradealyzer – Every teacher’s dream!

When educators can draw inferences from data, they cannot only see the need for change, but can identify the direction of change needed, pinpoint the students needing intervention, and identify approaches offering promising solutions to help students succeed.

Gradealyzer is a smart solution to address just this – it is a unique online grade book, rooted in the fact that lesser the time teachers spend on non-core, manual paperwork; higher is their overall productivity.

Multifaceted reports

The potential contained in the technology that powers Gradealyzer is unmatched. Reporting is a breeze; and analytics and historical data from previous years are simply a click away – making it easy to identify problem areas that need immediate attention.

Stunning, colour-coded and easy-to-interpret charts / reports get updated automatically, giving teachers all the information they need anytime, anywhere. Teachers can obtain snapshots and detailed views of class progress through Class Progress and Performance Reports. Graphical representations include percentage analysis; subject wise control; individual student, class, and entire grade scores. This in turn assists teachers in assessing individual performances not only against other students in the class, but also against the entire grade. The graphical reports help teachers understand and analyse student performance over the years.

A noteworthy feature is the availability of year-wise student reports which are particularly helpful for new teachers.

Feels like magic

Gradealyzer is a magic grade book that responds with lightning speed – thus empowering teachers to progressively replace the education rhetoric with minimal effort. Enter grades and comments and watch student scores update in a flash! Instantly note strengths, weaknesses and trends to drive instruction and ensure that all your students are ‘learning’ in the true sense.

Dynamic dashboards

Gradealyzer boasts of an interactive, attractive and easy User Interface (UI) that equips teachers with comprehensive student information at any given point in time, and pertaining to any desired time period. Exam details and schedules are easily visible too.

Behaviour analysis

Gradealyzer allows teachers to rate student behaviour measured against a number of desirable behavioural aspects, and these ratings can be viewed by parents as well. What teachers have to say about a child are put across through their remarks and comments. As a result, problem areas can be addressed, and desirable behaviour can be encouraged.

A boon for teachers

Modern times are synonymous with a fast pace, making it essential to execute tasks with speed. In schools too, teachers are pressed for time and they lack sufficient support, thereby necessitating a reliable, quick, easy and above all, an automated system to assist them in their cumbersome work.

Gradealyzer with its efficacious, varied, and dynamic features eliminates all complexities from teachers’ elaborate and tedious work, thus making it a must-have system that every school should definitely embrace.

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