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Data-driven decision making in K-12 schools

Information is the key to holding schools accountable for improved performance every year among every student group and data is our best management tool. If we know the contours of the problem, and who is affected, we can put forward a solution.

Understanding and using data about school and student performance are critical to improving schools, yet schools have rarely used data in decision-making. "For too long, many school leaders have made decisions about instructional leadership with 'intuition' and 'hunch.' All too often, school leaders do not include data collection and data analysis in the decision-making process"

School leaders need tools and resources that can help them see better and that provide meaningful information quickly and reliably for themselves and to their teachers. The effective use of data must play a major role in the development of school improvement plans. Gradealyzer - A Powerful Tool for School Improvement brings forth a holistic and clear picture of how a school and its entire ecosystem are performing at any given point in time.

Bid adieu to fuss

Being compatible with all web browsers, Gradealyzer does not require additional investments in expensive servers and complex software; nor does it involve unnecessary maintenance and upgradation costs. This saves a lot of fuss, and also helps achieve significant cost reductions.


Thanks to Gradealyzer, a negligible amount of time is spent on manual paper work. This allows teachers enough time to concentrate on other productive activities and not just stay immersed in a sea of papers.

Generate report-cards / marksheets instantly

For schools, end of terms spell out the beginning of a huge challenge – generating mark sheets and report cards in bulk. This Herculean task of getting numerous mark sheets printed becomes the number one priority for schools and they usually do not understand the importance and necessity of analytics.

With Gradealyzer, schools can get accurate, error-free, and attractive mark sheets / reports printed in just one click. This saves schools plenty of time and effort, and ensures highest precision levels. Most importantly, a ready repository of factual data is obtained (subject-wise ranks, percentile and comparative analysis etc.); which facilitates meaningful / fruitful discussions between teachers, parents, and students, thus benefiting all.

A best friend

Gradealyzer is a school’s best friend due to the fact that it helps in saving enormous amounts of time and money. At the same time, it also renders every detail about the overall performance of students and teachers.

Keep an eye

The quick, easy and hassle-free system offers a variety of analytical charts and graphs which are instrumental in capturing, organising, monitoring, and analysing important student information. This assists schools in understanding student performance as well as teacher effectiveness; while concurrently also indicating crucial areas of improvement and requisite training, for teachers and students alike.

Stay healthy

The ongoing and in-depth synopsis of pertinent data ensures that loopholes, if any, are filled in at the earliest, thus empowering schools to maintain their overall health at all times.

Embrace the environment

Gradealyzer’s automated systems capture, sort and analyse important student information, scores, exam details, overall performance and more. As paper work is slashed down, schools can truly go green.

The use of data can be a powerful and positive educational tool.

School that engage in data-driven decision making have the information that not only measures students' progress, but also enables them to: assess current and future needs of students, parents & staff; determine if goals are being met; ensure that students are not falling through the cracks; improve instruction; identify the root causes of problems; and, engage in continuous school improvement and many other ways to improve student achievement.

Schools can stay technologically abreast and accomplish the highest levels of efficiency by making Gradealyzer their preferred choice. In a nutshell, Gradealyzer brings in remarkable value additions to the school, enhances reputation and ushers in elevated goodwill.

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