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Leverage Gradealyzer to understand your child better

Gradealyzer is every parent’s dream come true. The intelligent system always keeps parents updated about their children’s exam schedules, while also offering them a holistic view of their child’s academic performance at any given point in time.

Track your child’s performance

Be it exam details, scores, or remarks / comments by teachers, Gradealyzer ensures that parents don't miss a thing - Every relevant alert about the child is communicated to parents in a systematic and timely manner. Historical performance reports give parents an overview about how the child has been faring over the years, pinpoints areas where there is scope for improvement, and also those areas in which the child has excelled.

Convenience at your fingertips

Gradealyzer makes life a lot easier for parents by enabling access of children’s reports through tablets and mobile devices. This ensures that parents are always aware of what is going on with their child, even when they are on the move.

Pleasant visuals

Gradealyzer automatically creates beautiful graphs and charts that provide in-depth insights about how children are performing. The brilliant splash of colours offers clear and simple visual representations of childrens’ performance across various subjects, over the years.

Stress buster

Gradealyzer serves as a stress buster for parents – they need not worry about anything! Every single alert is visible to parents upon logging into the website, and alerts are also sent to them via email. That’s not where it ends – whenever exams are scheduled, scores are recorded for an exam, or remarks are added by teachers, an instant alert is sent to parents to inform about the same.

Behavioural ratings

Using Gradealyzer, schools can identify and configure a set of specific student behaviours, following which, teachers can rate students on these behaviours on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the most positive/desirable behavioural rating). These ratings can be conducted more than once, and also by several teachers.

A liberating experience

In the hectic schedules that come as a package deal with modern times, Gradealyzer and its outstanding offerings take a massive burden off every parent’s shoulder by helping them know what exactly is going on with their child.

Gradealyzer is an avant-garde system thanks to which, parents need not wait for the term end to get a complete low-down on how their child is performing – they can access and view report cards as and when they wish; and gain convenient, easy-to-understand, and updated visuals on their children’s ongoing performance. Being equipped with such vital information helps parents leverage the same to provide necessary, timely assistance; and thus ensure that their children always come out with flying colours!

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