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A revolutionary gradebook

Gradealyzer is a breakthrough innovation - a brilliant online grade analytics and reporting tool that allows schools, teachers and parents to depict children’s growth in just one click! Easy to operate and understand; and an absolute visual treat; it offers engaging and explanatory illustrations that can trace student performance – year after year, start to end. Being an online tool, it is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Data-driven decision making in K-12 schools

Understanding and using data about school and student performance are critical to improving schools, yet schools have rarely used data in decision-making. School leaders need tools and resources that can help them see better and that provide meaningful information quickly and reliably for themselves and to their teachers. The effective use of data must play a major role in the development of school improvement plans.

Gradealyzer provides essential insights into how students respond to a particular teacher and / or a particular method of teaching. It also pinpoints problem areas that require attention / training, while at the same time applauding commendable student performance which in turn boosts students’ confidence and morale.

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Every feature makes you a better teacher

When educators can draw inferences from data, they can not only see the need for change, but can identify the direction of change needed, pinpoint the students needing intervention, and identify approaches offering promising solutions to help students succeed. The effective use of data can be a powerful and positive educational tool.

Gradealyzer assists teachers in identifying where and when students falter, and who needs their attention at which point in time. The diverse, dynamic graphical charts and reports prepared with Gradealyzer enable teachers to view historic performance of students and also make comparative analysis as and where required. In a nutshell, Gradealyzer provides teachers with a 360 degree student view at all times.

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Watch your child emerge a winner

Modern day parents who are constantly on the run, benefit immensely with Gradealyzer. An enormous amount of time is saved since all important information related to their child is viewable in an instant – be it on mobile devices, computers, laptops or tablets. Gradealyzer helps parents stay aware about their child’s weaknesses (if any), to fully understand their child’s core strengths, and have a comprehensive idea about their child’s overall performance.

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Gradealyzer – Escape the number game!

Gradealyzer provides a wide range of benefits to schools, teachers, and parents – making it a must-have tool offering exceptional and everlasting experiences. It is an excellent channel for schools, teachers, and parents to escape the numbers game.

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